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Be Your Own Cupid
by kayevelyn @ satadelcontar

Donghae/Eunhyuk/Kibum (NC-17)
Angst/Drama/Smut | Chaptered (Complete) | Future Band AU
Hyukjae got married third, behind Jungsu and Han Geng.

| one | two | three | four | five |

♥ Uh, hi.

Eunhyuk is (sort of) happily married when Donghae comes back into his life, but this time Donghae is with Kibum. Donghae doesn't seem to mind having Eunhyuk and Kibum at the same time, the other two aren't so keen on the idea.

Perfect. Donghae is so perfect in this. The other components of the threesome have their struggles but in the end they find a perfect medium.
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repairing burning bridges (aka 6 things 2pm never told jaebum)
by redcottonstar @ intorolude

Band!Fic (PG-13)
Angst/Together-ness | One-shot | Band AU
So much has changed, so much has shifted off-balance that Wooyoung is afraid that nothing will be the same again.

♥ Damn redcottonstar and her awkwardly worded but amazing pieces. I don't even know.

If you are tired of all the "Jay is a bastard" fics or the "Jay left ;_____;" fics, I don't care. You need to read #1 and #6 of this one-shot. They are heart-wrenching and perfect with a tad bit of hilarity thrown in for good measure.
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by redcottonstar @ intorolude

Key/Jonghyun (PG-13)
Cheesy Shit | Drabble | Idek AU
he is too late, he's always been too late, right from the start when he was too slow to realize what his heart was telling him all along.

♥ It's cheesy. It's stuffed full of fluff. It's ridiculous. But it's well written and it made me laugh. So it is being recced.

Happy Easter to those who celebrate it.
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SO. THIS IS HOW THIS WORKS. (Posts for other fandoms coming soon~ I don't wanna spam your friend's list)

This post is for 2PM fans.

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Baby, Baby by noellix @ heartbreakblue

G-Dragon/Seungri (PG-13)
Angst/Character Death | One-Shot | Band AU
Of dragon-slaying and other extreme sports.

♥ Since things have been slow lately, I've moved into my memories.

The summary has nothing to do with the fic, trust me. This is beautifully written and so heart breaking. Their entire situation just makes you want to sob. I don't know where noellix went with her amazing muse, but we need her back.
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Good Parenting / Catdom by ficcy

Siwon, Heechul, Kyuhyun, Eeteuk (PG)
Fluff/Humor | Drabbles (Two) | Family AU / Royalty AU
Picture inspired drabbles.

♥ Even when ficcy complains that her muse has left her (which she has been doing for months, it seems) she still pumps out some good writing.

These are hilarious, depressing, and everything else you could ask for in such short drabbles.
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Never Knew Anything But Loving You by meiface @ chineseink

Donghae/Minho (PG-13)
Romance/Fluff | Chaptered (Incomplete) | Band Universe
Minho is kind of head over heels for Donghae, but he's okay with that.

part one | part two

meiface is an amazing writer, we all know this. And I've been trying to rec some unknown authors but this one had to be pointed out.

Minho has a horrible crush on Donghae and he seems to handling it pretty well. Kind of.

This is adorable in so many ways. She claims to not know SHINee well and then she proceeds to write Minho almost perfectly. Definitely something to keep an eye on.