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[Super Junior] → Heechul/Kyuhyun

Of Pools, Poliwogs, and Cougars by lady_hanaka 

Heechul/Kyuhyun (PG-13)
Romance/Angst | Chaptered (Complete) | AU
Cho Kyuhyun is a struggling high school graduate trying to support his gaming addiction and pay his way through college. Kim Heechul is the black sheep of one of Korea’s richest families who is looking for someone to torture for the summer in his never ending boredom. All Kyuhyun wanted was a few extra bucks. All Heechul wanted was a pool boy. Neither was expecting to fall in love.

Part One | Part Two

Heechul is a rich illegitimate son and Kyuhyun is his nerdy pool boy. Heechul thinks green is a flavor, and Heebum likes flushing frogs down toilets to make Henry cry. Also, Butler Zhou Mi likes spending his days-off watching fashion shows. I kind of love the whole story as much as I love those little tidbits that make the fic so lighthearted. This two-part fic is adorable, funny, and yet just a tad bit angsty with a slice of HanChul drama.
Tags: *ficcy, + slash fic, suju, suju: heechul/kyuhyun

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