Michul; Adorbs

[SUPER JUNIOR] → Zhou Mi/Kyuhyun

cirque du soleil freaky by cascades

Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi (NC-17)
Humour/Smut | One-shot
kyuhyun has sex dreams about zhou mi and sungmin meddles.

Kyuhyun has kinky sex dreams about Zhou Mi, Sungmin finds out through his special observational skills and Zhou Mi is a beam of sunshine. Kyuhyun tries to ignore his 'problem' but Sungmin won't allow it. Also, the Kyumin!bffery is to die for~
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[Super Junior] → Kangin/Leeteuk

Drifting By by literrie 
Fluff/Humor | One-shot
Youngwoon has spent almost his whole school life watching Jungsu.

Stalker!Youngwoon is quite possibly the most adorable thing ever. Jungsu flits by him without even sidelong glance, and Youngwoon struggles with being seemingly invisible to Jungsu as he befriends people everywhere. Fluff and cuteness everywhere!
uee = in thee rain


Parallel Lines by sacryde @ oheiina

Minho/Onew (PG-15)
Romance/Angst | Chaptered (Complete) | Band AU
Trust Minho to get himself sent to a parallel universe the one day he has the dorm all to himself.

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven

sacryde is an awesome writer in her own right. She's got a lot of sugar and a little spice. It's the perfect combination for this fic.

Minho is watching a fan spin in SHINee's dorm one second and in the next second he's being yelled at by Key to hurry his ass up because they are about to be late for school. Talk about confusing!

This story has a way of sucking you in and not letting you go until you read the final line (which in my opinion is the best last line I've ever read in a fanfiction). Oh, and try to ignore my spam-like comments at the bottom of each chapter...I just got so excited about how great this was and I couldn't contain myself.
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[Super Junior] → Bandfic

God Loves Lotus Tea by quickable @ autumn-nights
Crack | One-shot
Kangin and God have a conversation.

God egging Kangin on to try Buddhism is hilarious, but God trying to find the right words to introduce himself to a non-believer (aka Hankyung) is my favorite. This fic is downright hilarious, with Kangin questioning his sanity and unamused!Hankyung looking on. Also, my Heechul-biased heart loves how Heechul wins at the end.
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[Super Junior] → Kangin/Leeteuk

The way you move ain't fair, you know by featherie @ acrylicwords 
Fluff/Smut | Drabbles
Five drabbles for Jungsu's birthday; be warned for general kangteuk stupidity and many, many sexual innuendos.

These are short, light-hearted KangTeuk fics that commemorates the happy days of SJ's parents - yeah, those co-dependent idiots that are pathetically in love enough to ship themselves. ♥ I like to believe that they will have more of these days in the future.

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[Super Junior] → Hankyung/Heechul

Physical Therapy by warmboys 
Crack/Drama/Smut | One-Shot
Heechul believes in lying to his shrink. He's an awful liar.

Heechul is wary about having sex with Hankyung. Cue Dr. Jung who really does nothing to help, though you have to sympathize with the man for listening to Heechul talk about wanting to get it on with cats. In the end, it's all a matter of trust. This is a beautiful, hilarious fic that still manages to pull at your heartstrings.

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[Super Junior] → Heechul/Kyuhyun

Of Pools, Poliwogs, and Cougars by lady_hanaka 

Heechul/Kyuhyun (PG-13)
Romance/Angst | Chaptered (Complete) | AU
Cho Kyuhyun is a struggling high school graduate trying to support his gaming addiction and pay his way through college. Kim Heechul is the black sheep of one of Korea’s richest families who is looking for someone to torture for the summer in his never ending boredom. All Kyuhyun wanted was a few extra bucks. All Heechul wanted was a pool boy. Neither was expecting to fall in love.

Part One | Part Two

Heechul is a rich illegitimate son and Kyuhyun is his nerdy pool boy. Heechul thinks green is a flavor, and Heebum likes flushing frogs down toilets to make Henry cry. Also, Butler Zhou Mi likes spending his days-off watching fashion shows. I kind of love the whole story as much as I love those little tidbits that make the fic so lighthearted. This two-part fic is adorable, funny, and yet just a tad bit angsty with a slice of HanChul drama.